If you have an unknown budget format, reach out to your assigned Account Manager for help. We are happy to provide you with an industry best practice budget template, or to work to understand your specific needs.

You have entered all project details into Contract Simply and it is time to upload your budget details.

1. Click anywhere inside the 'Add your budget' box to be taken to the uploads page.

2. On the uploads page, click inside the uploads box to select the file that you want to upload, or simply drag and drop your budget spreadsheet into this area.

3. You will see a checkmark inside a green circle when the system recognizes that a document has been uploaded.

4. Click on 'Overview' in the left side panel menu and you will now see the budget summary details for the project.

The Project Overview page will change with each draw, providing a quick view into project details such as total percent completed, equity remaining, and percent complete for each budget line item.

*Note: If your budget changes after your initial upload, simply upload the new budget and it will override the original.

If you need assistance, please click on the blue chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page to connect to a Customer Support rep. You can also reach us at 1-833-4SIMPLY or via email at help@contractsimply.com

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