Contract Simply is a construction payments platform that helps everyone involved manage their part of the construction loan and draw disbursement process. Large construction projects have a significant number of cash disbursements or “draws” that happen all the time based upon milestones. We help our customers manage these payments in a fast and compliant way.

We move the complicated draw process out of emails and Excel, into a purpose-built platform that makes the whole process simpler. 

For lenders, you get a solid overview of your projects, a repository for storing all documents relative to any given project, and automatic checks to reduce risk.

For borrowers, you get a tool that provides easy collection and automatic classification of documents, the ability to track sources of funds, and insight into what's going on with your project 24/7.

For inspectors, you can easily review all the information for a project and quickly submit your inspection report.

For contractors and subcontractors, you get paid faster thanks to a streamlined approval process.

If you would like more information about the service we provide, please email us at or give us a call at 1-833-4SIMPLY.

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